Haco and me made these dolls for exhibiting at LELE Junie Moon in Shinjuku in January 2012. Haco did make-up for these dolls, they are soooooooo cute and amazing. I'm really happy to collaborate with her. I love her works. Our work's title is 'Goldfish'. Could you notice that the dress's shape is like a goldfish? I used kimono fabric in these dress. They are very old things and the quality and the color are very nice. There are a lot of amazing old things and good technique in Japan.

hacoさんと制作した「金魚」。2012年1月に新宿のLELE Junie Moonにて展示販売されました。本当に可愛いドールです。hacoさんのメイク大好き! アイも全てhacoさんがオリジナルで制作したものです。金魚が泳いでいる目もあります。

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